Yes! My Chicago Blackhawks have now won 3 Stanley Cups in recent memory! Our small town of Lively, Ontario is buzzing because a player from the Blackhawks is a local boy! We’ll be getting the Stanley Cup here in early July. Can’t wait to see it!

On a bit of a sad note: this will be the last comic posted on the Off Season website. I’ll be shutting it down on July 18th. I no longer have the time or know-how to run a website.

This DOES NOT mean the end of OFF SEASON COMICS. In fact, I have over 30 comics of Gully and the gang in the tank & ready to go. As well, I’ll be starting on more Dictionary of Hockey comics later this week! Make sure you follow @puckhogg4 on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll get all the info you need for the new landing spot for OFF SEASON COMIC!!

Thanks for all of your continued support!